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This week I shared my parenting struggles with my Instagram community. Whenever I am vulnerable and honest about this subject I get a outpouring of love and support. I asked for any podcast or book recommendations in the parenting department and this is what we have come up with together!


“Happy families” Justin Coulson
“Parental as anything” Maggie Dent
“Nourishing the mother” The Wellness Couch
“Unruffled” Janet Landsbury
“Aware Parenting” Lael Stone & Marion Rose
“Kylie Camps Podcast” Kylie Camps
“Parenting our future” Robbin McManna


“No bad kids” Janet Landsbury
“The book I wish my parents had read” Phillipa Perry
“No Drama discipline” Daniel Siegal
“The whole brain child” Daniel Siegal
“Raising girls” Steve Biddulph
“Raising boys” Steve Biddulph
“Mothering our boys” 12Maggie Dent
“How to talk to kids so they listen, how to listen so they talk” Adele Faber
“123 magic” Thomas Phelan
“Gentle Parenting” Sarah Ockwell-Smith
“Peaceful parents, happy kids” Dr Laura Markham
“Unconditional Parenting” Alfie Kohn
“The conscious parent” Shefali Tsabary
“Discipline without damage” Vanessa Lapointe


Triple P parenting programming (Free in QLD)
Big little feelings (online course)
Circle of security parenting program

Thank you to my wonderful community for sharing these recommendations.

Below is a journal entry I shared on my Instagram account. An ode to my daughter to always ensure our love for one another is unconditional:

“I hope I am always her safe place. A place she will return to when her world feels like it is crashing down around her. 

I will try to not worry about our future together, I will keep trying to break the generational cycle so we have the best chance at having a meaningful and loving mother daughter relationship, I will keep doing my own work to help me understand myself and her more. I only ever want her to feel her mothers love. Not conditioned love but unconditional love.

I can feel her big energy from the moment she wakes. Her big smile that forces her eyes shut. Her wicked laugh that makes me laugh. Her squeal of delight when she see’s her big brother playing in the play room as the room is filled with the day first light. 

Watching her play is a joy. Her innocence and being in the moment. The other side of all of this I will continue to keep learning more about. The big feelings. The huge emotions. The deafening cries of anger and disappointment. I will keep learning. Because I know this is just the beginning of stages that I need to guide her through. In order to break the cycle I must be strong. I must accept and surrender to what is and to keep looking for the lessons in it all. I will not run away when it gets too hard. I will be her anchor and her safe place.

We don’t get to choose our child for a reason. They choose us. I know why she chose me. To break me open to set me free.”

Much love and light,




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