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If you have been following along you would have seen we purchased a little Jayco Expanda Outback at the start of this year. We are ready to start exploring more as a family of 4 and are excited to share our adventures with you 🙂

To make the packing up/packing down a little less stressful we have created a template of a generic Caravan/Camping Checklist, with a few specifics items we’ve added from our experience.

We’ve made it available in Excel so you can change it and add/remove items depending on your family and style of camping, such as:

  – Where you go; you won’t need a generator, portable shower or toilet if you stay at caravan parks
  – What type of camping you do;  caravan, camper trailer, tent, swag etc
  – It also depends if you have kids, number of kids and the age of your kids. (this list looks a lot different when we used to camp as a young kid free couple

We also colour code it so we know who is in charge of packing that item (Blue for Dad & Pink for Mum) so we don’t forget it!

The actual list we use is split into 2 parts:

Part 1 are items that stay in the caravan and we have the items listed under their location (i.e. top drawer under sink etc)  – this obviously depends on the size and layout of your caravan.

Part 2 the items that we need to pack into the caravan and the ute.

We also have a similar list for any trips we do to a holiday house Airbnb etc

We find this list makes is a bit quicker and easier. Hope this helps as makes it all a little easier to get you out there more!

Let us know if it helps with organising your outdoor adventures! Tag us over on Instagram



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