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 Caring for yourself is a journey that starts from within.

Living an awakened life and enjoying the things that really matter.





Making choices that help you nourish and strengthen your body to feel your best.



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I love baking. It is something I love to do with the kids and have done so each week since Max was about 12 months old. It is a great activity for rainy days or lazy afternoons. The only time I got to bake as a kid was when my Grandma would come over from […]

Banana and Cacao “Healthy” Cookies

Conscious Body

Starting your sustainability journey

Conscious Life

Will 2021 be the year you consciously choose a more sustainable life? Climate change is real. It had been in the background of my mind for years but I had the mentally of “nothing I do as an individual will contribute to any real change”. But over Christmas 2019, watching the devastation of the Australian […]

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Hey lovely,
I'm Courtney

Thank you for dropping by. Life can quickly get away from us and make us feel like a broken compass with no direction. It is for this reason that I am so passionate about helping others. When life gets too busy and feels like you have got too much on your plate, I am here to help guide you towards the light.