5 things you may not know about me.

Lover of all
things old

Old books, old china, old buildings, old antiques. Oh and old people tend to gravitate to me too, often striking up conversations and divulging valuable life tips.



I started Australia’s first women’s only Triathlon Club back in 2014. This is where my passion for empowering women all began.


I cheer on the 
All Blacks.

While technically not a kiwi (my parents and husband are) she still back’s the best rugby team in the world by default. I mean who wouldn’t?


Life changing moment

2019 was the year that broke me open. 2020 was the year that I put myself back together again.


I'm not a fan
of birds.

I'm a magnet for them swooping or flying directly at me.


I'm on a mission to inspire and motivate you live a more conscious and fulfilled life.

By guiding women to believe in and become the next best version of themselves. Allow themselves the time to make their wellness a priority..

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My top 10 tips to meal plan like a pro.

Take back your time and avoid the overwhelm around meal times! Includes a free shopping list!

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How to live a more conscious life

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