‘I Am Gratitude’
is here!

Introducing my first digital
“I AM” workbook!


I want to share this practice with others as I wholeheartedly believe in its transformational power to help us all live more presently and to experience more joy and love in our daily lives.

I know what it feels like to have lost your way.

I know what it feels like to not feel worthy of a quiet moment alone.

I know what it feels like to wake up and feel like you are living another ‘ground hog’ day.

I know what it feels like to not be able to see the sun beyond the storm.

Gratitude has been a game changer for me, which is why I have created this workbook. Despite all the self doubt I have had about being good enough or smart enough to create this tool for women just like you - I have pushed through my self doubt because I truly believe in its power to help us all live a more joyful and awakened life.

I have created this ‘I AM Gratitude’ workbook because I believe practicing daily gratitude is the key to building the foundations for a more connected, mindful and conscious life.

You want to kick start a gratitude practice but don’t know how to

You have tried to practice gratitude but it just didn’t stick

You feel like you have lost yourself and are wanting to find that spark inside again

You feel like you’re struggling to see the good in life or perhaps can’t see beyond life's struggles and obstacles 

You find yourself stuck cycle of daily negativity and negative self talk

This is for you if: 

What are some of the benefits of establishing a daily gratitude practice?

Experience a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you

Strengthen your existing relationships and helping to build new ones

View challenges and obstacles as opportunities

Find the magic in the simple moments and experience deeper presence 

Increased happiness and positivity 

Reduced stress 

Reduced feelings of anxiety and overwhelm

Increased resilience to tackle life's roadblocks

Improved health and increased motivation to care for your health

Acceptance of where you are right now

“Sometimes you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings” - unknown

- 8 weeks of daily gratitude journal entries 
- Present moment practice
- Weekly happiness and needs check in
- ‘I am’ Affirmations
- Inspiring quotes
- Letter writing to your future self
- Gratitude log

* BONUS Gratitude affirmations
* BONUS Journal prompts for gratitude 
* BONUS Connecting to self meditation

special launch bonus!*

What is included in the ‘I AM Gratitude' workbook:


All of this Gratitude Goodness for

Courtney McCarty

For many years Courtney had always felt like she was put on this earth to be of service to others.

In 2013 she decided to combine her love of triathlon with her desire to help, empower, and inspire women. In 2016 she became a mother for the first time and 2 years later had her second child which was the beginning of her unravelling. 
Through the power of self-care, she started the journey back to reclaiming herself. Through meditation, journaling, affirmations, and gratitude, she began re-creating, re-defining, and re-imagining her most beautiful life.

Now, Courtney is passionate about sharing her experience with others. By sharing the tools and techniques that she has learned along the way, she hopes to empower others to open up their minds and live a more curious, conscious, and mindful life. 

About the creator

Belinda Porter

Belinda has been a life alchemist since 1995 and since 2010 has been a Radical Living Master Coach helping people from all over the world. Belinda sees her life purpose as needing to teach others what she has learnt about energy and the law of attraction, both of which have become driving forces in her own life.   
Courtney and Belinda met in December 2020. One day, Courtney walked blindly into her office, not really knowing why she was there, only that it was the next step in her healing journey.

Since then, Belinda has helped Courtney to forgive, and brought her to a place of peace, surrender, and acceptance. She also continues to act as a mentor to Courtney as she continues on her journey of healing and growth. 

About the collaborator

Product disclaimer:
The information and advice provided in this workbook is general in nature and should not be used as, or substituted for, professional medical advice. We do not accept responsibility for determining whether our products/ services are appropriate for you and your health. By participating in the activities discussed or offered through this training, you acknowledge that you have sought professional medical advice that you are fit and healthy to participate.

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