Meal prep your way to a happier and healthier life.

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I truly believe that meal planning and prepping can benefit everyone. Yep even you!

I have created ‘Meal prep your way to a happier and healthier life.’ because I believe that having good food ‘ready-to-go’ is one of the keys to getting more balance in your life.

The tired and fatigued Mum living day-to-day on cups of tea and toast

The pregnant or postpartum mother who is too tired to be on her feet multiple times a day cooking and washing dishes

The busy school Mum who makes what feels like 241 meals a day

The hard-working single or kid free couple trying to set themselves up for a healthier life but are too busy to cook and fall prey to under eats

People wanting to gain or lose weight

The budget conscience looking to save money

"You gotta nourish if you want to flourish.”

- Debunking the myths around meal prepping
- How I got into meal prepping and my relationship with food
- Goal setting
- Sustainability in the kitchen
- Steps on how to reduce kitchen waste
- Tips and tricks
- 12 breakfast and snack recipe ideas
- 7 Lunch and dinner recipe ideas
- 4 week grocery list
- Meal plan template
- Grocery list template

All of this goodness for

 4 week meal plan + shopping list

What is included in the ‘Meal prep your way to a happier and healthier life.’ e-book:


Wife. Mother. Business owner. Fitness lover. Old school meal prepper from way back.

My name is Courtney. Life is amazing but equally as hectic.

Amidst the chaotic schedules, meal planning and prepping is a great tool to help keep myself and my family on the healthy eating wagon.

I went from Triathlon Coach to a Mum to 2 little ones in just a few short years. Not long after my second child I felt the wheels starting to fall off. I was struggling. I was anxious. I was losing myself and didn’t know how to bring myself back.

After a solid nine months of simply ‘surviving’ I took my first steps to changing my path to a life to thrive in, starting with my body. I slowly created new habits and routines that helped me reconnect with myself again. Moving and nourishing my body with good food became part of my self-care routine just like drinking water and sleeping.

This is when ‘Meal prep your way to a happier and healthier life.’ was born. As a way of helping others to find more balance and energy in their day by fueling themselves with good food on the reg!

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